We request full service caterers for all events. If you choose not to use a full service caterer and it is approved by Lamar Street Center, there will be an additional charge up to $500.00.  Lamar Street Center provides a staging area to be used for final food presentation, plating and busing only.  Please note Lamar Street Center does not provide dishes, glassware, pots, pans, knives or utensils. The staging area will be provided in a clean condition and the space should be returned to a clean condition immediately following your event. A final walk through with a member of our event staff is mandatory at the close of your event. Caterer using fryers or any cooking facilities outside must be placed with protective mats on the asphalt.  We require that all caterers that have not been to our facility please meet with the event manager prior to the event to go over all procedures and requirements of Lamar Street Center.


We have chairs, round tables, banquet tables and cocktail tables that you are welcome to use.    

300 chairs

30 5 ft. roundstables

30   8 ft. banquets tables

Aprox. 10 various High-top tables.

Some in-house linens available for rent- call for pricing and colors

We have 20x20 stage with basic stage lighting.

Small Podium

We have basic AV in both the Gallery and Banquet room. (Cordless Microphones, screen, and projector in the ceiling.) Additional charges may apply.

All other items can be rented and must be approved for delivery and pick up must be scheduled with event manager. 

Beverage Policy 

Alcoholic beverage service is not required to hold an event Lamar Street Center.Lamar Street Center offers the following beverages and beverage options. Non-Alcoholic packages, a full host bar, a full cash bar or a combination .Other beverages may be available for special order upon your request (MINIMUMS AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY)

·         The minimum beverage service required by this agreement may be met with alcoholic and/or nonalcoholic beverages. The event host agrees to purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from Lamar Street Center in an amount equal to or greater than the minimum beverage service guarantee or, in the case of a cash bar, pay any deficit between the minimum beverage guarantee and the total of purchased beverages and cash bar receipts.

·         Lamar Street Center Bar menu will be provided to you at least 30 days prior to your event-

·         Specialty orders will be accommodated if possible if placed minimum 21 days prior to event date (Minimum orders and additional charges of specialty items may apply) all specialty items must be prepaid for and are not eligible for a refund.

·         Any changes to the bar contract on the day of are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to honor them. The prices of any day of changes can be greater especially when changing the timeline.

·         Alcoholic beverages not purchased from or served by Lamar Street Center are not permitted on the premises

·         All products not consumed, will remain the property of the venue.

·         No alcohol can be removed from the event.

·         No alcoholic beverage can be brought on to or leave our premises; products bought on premise will be confiscated and may result in loss of venue deposit.

·         Food must be accompanied with any alcoholic beverage service.

·         Lamar Street Center is licensed by the State of Colorado and must abide by its regulations and laws.

·         Due to liquor laws, all liquor, beer and wine must be poured or served over the bar by the bartender. No self-serve spirits.  Caterers may assist in returning glassware but are not allowed to serve alcohol at any time. (Wine service/Champagne toast may be allowed if preapproved and prearranged with caterer. The select catering company can pass/serve but the venue is required to prepare the beverage to be passed.   Glassware may need to be rented for this)

·         Colorado State law prohibits the sale to and consumption of alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years of age.  All guests will be carded and no service will be given to those who do not have proper identification.

·         Underage and "visually intoxicated" guests will not be served. Harassment of any kind toward our staff will not be tolerated. If a guest is harassing a Lamar Street Center Employee the client will be notified, if the guest persists the bar can and will close and no refund will be given.

·         Please note any missing or broken glassware (not due to staff error) will be charged to client after event if the amount exceeds 5 total glasses.

·         All bars will close ½ prior to the end of your event.

·          Lamar Street Center has a “No Shots” policy.

·         The venue has the right to shut one bar based on traffic

·         1 bartender per 100 for beer and wine -1 bartender per 75 for Full bar

·          Glassware will be used for parties at or below 250 guests all other parties will get plastic glassware. Glassware can be provided for parties over 250 will additional charge for glass rentals, bar-backs and other items needed. 

·         Tip-Jars. It is the policy of the Lamar Street Center that tip jars are allowed on all bars. The host may request that no tip jars be displayed and they will be compensating Lamar Street Center staff.

  • Policies, rates and selections are subject to change

Photography, Videography and Entertainment

Photos and/or Video are allowed. No one is allowed to touch, open or sit in the cars at any time.  Lamar Street reserves the right to utilize all photos and/or video footage taken during an event for promotional use. 


We do not permit throwing birdseed or confetti, blowing bubbles, the use of glitter etc. at ceremonies or receptions. Please call for exceptions These types of materials cause damage to the grounds and could be hazardous to guests walking throughout the site. 


it is required that all pre-approved  caterers and/or outside vendors, companies or institutions must provide the appropriate license and/or  a copy of their certificate of insurance naming Lamar Street Center as additional insured for the time period described in which any and all individuals will be occupying the premises.  (Due no later than (10) days prior to your event)  All vendors not covered with their own liability insurance will fall under the lessee private event liability insurance.   All vendors and service providers are responsible for clean-up and removal of their equipment, food, and all supplies with in (1) hour of the event conclusion.

Audio Visual

A screen, Projector (with VGA or HDMI hookup- depending on the room) wireless mic, lapel, headset, dvd player. The aspect ratio is 1024x768. It is the responsibility of the client to schedule and come in prior to the event to make sure all audio visual is working.  (We suggest you bring a backup on a jump drive) Some lighting is available in the Gallery room.  If a Band or DJ plans to use our system one of our AV tech will be required. If more than 2 speakers or multiple rooms are using audio visual one of our AV tech may be required. (Additional Charges may apply)


To ensure safety of children attending events at Lamar Street Center they must be attended to at all times and are expected to treat the venue and furnishing with respect. Children shall not be permitted to roam the facility without adult Supervision. We ask that children refrain from running inside the venue.


Inside the venue is prohibited. Smoking outside is in designated area only 25feet from any and all doors/garage doors of the venue.


No confetti, balloons, candles, fireworks, sparklers, rice etc…  Nails and Staples are not allowed when placing decorations.  Please use zip ties or painters tape. 

Event Coordinator

To ensure proper use and car of Lamar Street Center, we require a sober designated event coordinator to be responsible during the event. Prior to the event the coordinator must supply the Event Manager with an agenda, vendor list with contract information, timeline, floorplan etc….  The coordinator will maintain the client’s agenda and will also service in the capacity of the decision-maker on behalf of the clients in dealing with all vendors to included but not limited to caterer, bar service, florist, entertainment, rentals, etc.. And will collaborate with Lamar Street Center Staff during the event.  The coordinator is required to stay for the duration of the event.  At the conclusion of the event, the Lamar Street Center manager and the coordinator will conduct a final walk through of the facility.

Hazardous Weather

For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, such as a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch or warnings, Lamar Street Center reserves the right to mandate taking shelter, stop alcoholic beverages dispensation,, and require bands or musicians to switch to acoustic or adjust volume or terminate DJs or recorded music until hazardous weather is deemed no longer a threat. In the event hazardous weather requires evacuation of the property for the safety of the guests, the event will be terminated and guests will be require to vacate the premises

Parking and Vendor Loading

There is ample parking for all guests and vendors in various lots. The Vendor loading area will be determined on how the event is setup and determined by the Lamar Street Center event manager.  We may ask the vendor and their staff to park across the street to leave space open for the guests. All Vendors must us a dolly to bring items into the venue. Nothing may be dragged across Lamar Street Center floors.


• Tenting for outdoor events. 

• Weddings on site requires Day of Coordinator. 

• Full service catering  this includes appropriate wait staff 

• All equipment and supplies including tables, chairs, glassware, linen and cooking items, which are rented from an equipment supplier. 

• Outside vendor purchases and services including flowers, photography, musicians, bakery, etc. 

• Event planner or coordinator. You must designate a “go to” sober person in your party for the day of your event. This person may be a hired professional, family member, friend, yourself, or anyone who you designate who knows the details of your event.